Simple daily actions to keep you motivated, inspired and Pruvin' it!

Your DMO is, as the name suggests, a framework of activities you accomplish do in a day. This is not a schedule for one specific day, but rather the activities you do daily. You probably already have some sort of DMO for getting ready in the morning that includes breakfast, showering, getting dressed, brushing your teeth. If you work outside the home, you also have a commute in your DMO. Evening time also carries a DMO, even if it is just the sequence of events that you perform to prepare for bed.

DMO's for your Pruvit business lay the foundation to your day that you’ll be able to build on, day after day, to create results. The daily activities may not take a lot of time but the results will compound. After using a DMO for a week or two, you’ll start getting into a rhythm that will enable you to perform your tasks with less effort.


DMO's Checklist

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