Everything you need to know about face to face at markets and expos.

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Each Promoter Should Bring
Marketing Materials
Preparation Reminders
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Event Follow Up

Any expo, market stand or trade show is an exciting and lucrative event for us as Pruvers. IT’S IMPORTANT that you are all as prepared as possible, so everything goes smoothly AND so you can make the most of this huge opportunity to share Keto OS with hundreds or thousands of people!


Ketones T-Shirts
Table Setup

– Tables
Simple folding trestle tables are best.
– Table cover or tablecloth
– Drink dispensers or jugs
This helps grab people’s attention! Example: website link
Use labels to write the names of each flavour/formula on the jugs or dispensers.
– Shaker bottles
If you don’t have a drink dispenser or jug, use shaker bottles with each of the different formulas. Preferably non-caffeinated. Use labels to write the names of each flavour/formula on the shakers.
– Sample cups
30 ml plastic or paper cups. These cups are a little more $$ but made from 100% Biodegradable and compostable: website link
– EFTPOS Facilities
Download and Register the FREE app called ‘Paypal Here’ on your mobile phone. Once set up, you can take credit card payments on your phone by entering the card number. AND you can also order a card reader for $45 to use in conjunction with the app, so you can tap, swipe and insert credit card payments (and pay less transaction fees).
– Laptop computer(s) or tablets
Place website orders for 20 packs. Use your mobile phone hotspot for internet if you don’t have WIFI at the venue.
– Power cords to charge electronics
– Shaker bottles

to drink your own Keto while working the stand.
– Order forms and clipboards
Use in case the website or internet is not working, they can write down their shipping and payment details on the form for 20 packs. You can use the form at the end of this document.
– Name Tags
Great for expos, so people can see your name, which they’ll need to put down in the lead generation form, as explained below.
– Bin for sample cups
We recommend using one empty 20 pack Keto OS box with a small plastic bag inside, and you can just empty it when full and keep using same bag and box.
– Stirrer(s)

Use for the Keto OS samples in the jugs. The powder settles quickly at the bottom of the choc and orange flavours, so stir your sample jugs regularly.
– Posters and signs

Print these to show special market prices, offers and competitions. Perspex stands look nice to display simple signs on the table, or use blue tack to hold it onto the walls or tables.
– Banners
Borrow from fellow Pruvers, order from OR make your own via this link
– Shirts
Buy official Pruvit shirts from OR make your own shirts. One person can use a website to order all the shirts. Make sure to do in advance of the event to allow time for the company to make and ship the shirts.


– Laptop & Cord
– Phone & Chargers
– Keto OS

To drink on the day while you work the stand, and to make up samples.
– Pre made Keto OS 5 packs
MIXED with all formulas, tied with rubber bands, ribbon, or in ziplock bags.
TIP: You can put your Pruvit stickers on them, or write your name and web address on the bags with a marker.

5 packs


Quick Tap Survey

– Quick Tap Survey:
This site allows you to create a survey to capture lead information so you can follow them up after the expo. It’s free to begin, but then you will need to upgrade to a paid account to capture many leads and use several mobile phones and tablets with the survey. It isn’t cheap, but very useful for large expos and trade shows, and makes follow up much easier. You don’t need an internet connection to collect leads on the mobile phones and tablets. You will add each promoter as a ‘user’ and give them the username and password.

Note – MARKETS: It’s just as easy to use a pen and paper on a clipboard.

Make sure to include in your survey or clipboard form:
I.            Name
II.           Several points of contact info (mobile number, email, FB name)
III.          Which promoter they spoke to (so you know whose lead it is!)
IV.          Any particular interests they have in the product, or health issues (so you can tailor your follow up specifically to the info that will appeal to them). You can also write this in after they walk away, so you remember their story.
V.           Logistics of the Event
Well before the event, send a briefing to your team with all the details on the event, saying:

“READ this ENTIRE BRIEF before coming to the event. I highly recommend printing it off and having with you, for your continued reference during the event.

·        Location of event and stand
·        Parking / Transport
·        Official event times and set up/break down times
·        Arrival Times and Protocols (staff passes, etc)
·        Roster for all staff of what times they will be working the stand
·        Equipment to bring
·        How to prepare for the event
·        Official exhibitor/stall holder manual for expos/trade shows (attach to email)
·        Sales Tactics and Goals

·        Follow up procedures”



– If using Quick Tap Survey:
* Download app on phone and set up.
* Browse through to get familiar with it, especially how to read the survey results and get your lead information for follow-ups afterwards.
* Do a test entry on the Quick Tap Survey.

– Get phone ready on the day:

* Quick Tap Survey app open
* Notes on phone ready to cut and paste:
Customer Experiences Webpage
The Keto Life Online Homepage
* Facebook open to add people as friends and add them to the Keto Life Group.
* PayPal Here app open and ready.

– Download PayPal Here app on phone and complete free registration for it.
– Get your team to read through this entire page.

– Get laptop ready on the day of the event. Open:
* Your Pruvit Website, to place orders.
* FB Keto Life Group, to action A.T.M (Add, Tag, Message)
Customer Experiences Webpage



Opening Lines to Generate Interest in your stand, for anyone walking by, or even glancing in our direction:

“Have you tried ketones yet?”

“Have you ever drank ketones?”

“Have you heard of ketones?”

This will open a curiosity and a conversation, whether they say yes or no.

If they say NO, TELL them about it, or ASK what grabbed their attention, if they were looking at it.

If they say YES, ASK them what they know or have heard before you tell them about it.

DON’T ask “Would you like to try some ketones?” as your opening line. They can easily say no.

Keep it simple. Say things like:

“This drink puts you into Ketosis in 30-60 minutes. So you can use fat for fuel.”
“Sugar burns quick so your energy goes up and down, but fat burns for hours and hours, so you have non-stop energy.” 

See what interests THEM, right from the start.

Point to the BENEFITS banner or the Benefits list on the side of the box, and say things like:

“These are the kind of things that start happening when you’re in ketosis.”
“Which of those interests you the most?”

Offer Samples

“Would you like to taste/sample it?”

Give ONLY 1 SAMPLE CUP per person. If they don’t finish a whole sample and want to try the next flavour, they can pour the extra in the bin. Maybe people ask which is the best – again keep it simple,

“Depends on your tastes, everyone is different, feel free to try them all”.

While they are tasting, it’s a good time to continue the chat… You can SHOW them stories and pics related to their interests.

– Customer Testimonial pics and stories on phone or laptop are named relating to the benefits:

“This will give you an idea of what this stuff does for weight loss/hormones/endurance/etc.” 

– For specific interests, like diabetes or arthritis for example, SHOW them posts in the FB Cust. Exp. Page on the laptop by searching their interests in the group.

SELL Keto OS 5 packs and 20 packs

Ask which flavours they liked best, then say something like,

“Ok great, well you’ve got a few options today. You can get a mixed flavour 20 pack at a 24% discount because you’re a new customer, or the flavour you want in a 20 pack at full price. It arrives at your door in 3-5 days or 20 day depending on which shipping option you choose. It’s US$105 vs US$135 without shipping. Or we have this special expo/market price on the 5 packs too”

5 packs can be easily sold by saying,

“You can grab a 5-pack, so you’ll have ketone energy for the weekend/event/run/competition/etc.”

If they’ve tasted all the formulas at the stand, you can say,

“The 5 pack lets you try a whole sachet of each formula to see if you feel better on one or another before committing to a box.”

20 packs can be sold by saying,

“If you want to really see what it can do for you (the benefits they want), we can order you 20 pack now.” 

If they’ve bought a 5 pack,

“If you order a 20 pack today, it should arrive by the time you finish your 5 pack if you order using fast shipping, so you can keep going with it and see what it really does for you over a month.” 

No one may receive a box at the event. All orders must go through the site, and be delivered to the customer.

“It comes from the US, so we order it for you online here now”

Lead Generation

Get EVERYONE to fill out the survey on your phone or tablet (or the clipboard form at markets), whether they make a purchase or not. If people ask for more information, or want a business or brochure to research it, say:

“Sure, just pop your details in here, and I’ll send you a link/some more info.”
“All the info is online, so it’s always up-to-date. So just pop your details…(same as above).”

If you’re running a competition, you can add something like,

“And you’ll be in the draw to win a 20 pack of Keto OS” 

If they buy a 5 pack or 20 pack, say after the transaction is finished,

“Great, now just pop your details into here so I can send you the usage instructions and some tips for taking it.” (“You’ll also be in the draw to win more Keto!”)

Connect on Facebook

The advantages of connecting with someone (IN ADDITION to the lead generation) on FB are huge:

1.       You can add them to the Keto Life FB group and tag them in relevant posts.
2.       You can add them to your FB messenger customer thread for sales, promos, education and inspiration.
3.       You can keep a running personal conversation with them on messenger, so you know what’s been said.
4.       They will see your personal FB posts, comments, etc. which gives them more exposure to Keto OS and more personal connection to you.

To connect with them on FB, try this,

“Do you use Facebook much?” if response is yes, say,

“Because some of the best stuff about Keto OS is on Facebook. There’s even a private Facebook Group called ‘Keto Life’  with over 50,000 people on it talking about their personal experiences with it. I’ll add you to it so you can have a look. We just have to be FB friends for me to add you, since it’s a secret group.”

If they seem hesitant about that, you can add

“You can unfriend me afterwards if you want, I won’t be offended .”

THEN tell them,

“Just grab your phone and I’ll put my FB name in so you can add me. Then I’ll accept your request and add you to the group.”

DON’T do it the other way around and send them a friend request, as then they may never accept it.

Running a Competition

At expos and trade shows, a giveaway competition is a great way to generate leads as it encourages people to have a look at what the prize is, and give their details to go into the draw to win. You can use the Quick Tap Survey to do an electronic randomly generated selection of all your leads after the event.

A 20 pack is the best prize. And it won’t cost you much to give away if you’re getting your Keto OS free through Pruvit Bucks/Endorsement Bonus. A 5 pack is not the best prize, as that may prevent people from buying one on the day, as they’ll wait to see if they win it.

Put up signs/posters to advertise the competition.

If anyone asks for details of the competition, say:

– We will announce the winner by email next week.
– It’s an electronic randomly generated selection (through the survey website) or we put all the names in a hat, then pick the winner from that.
– The prize Keto OS flavour is to be determined and may be able to be chosen by the winner.


The Fortune is In the Follow Up

The fortune is in the follow up!!
Follow up as soon as possible, with a message you have ready to go in the notes section of your phone and/or computer, that you can cut and paste to all your leads.
The best ways to follow up, in order of most effective, are:

1. Facebook Message (if they use FB and you’ve connect with them on there)
2. Phone Text
3. Email

A combination is good too, for example, if you send an email, then text to let them know you emailed them the info they asked for, and to let you know if they don’t receive it.

For those who haven’t purchased yet

1st message should be done ideally the same night, after the event, but at the very latest within 2-3 days max. The sooner the better, so their connection with you and the product is fresh in mind.

Sample 1st message for leads:

“Hi (name),
It was awesome to chat to you at the expo!
I think you’ll definitely want to check out these crazy stories and pics, that really highlight what we talked about:

And here’s the Pruvit website for more info on Keto OS:
I’ll connect again soon to see if you have any questions and want to trial it out. Talk soon!

For 5 pack and 20 pack customers:

1st follow up must be the same day, after the event finishes for the day, so they have the usage instructions and can be retained as happy customers, and possible future promoters!

2nd follow up for 5 pack customers should be about 4-5 days later to see how the trial went and ask if they are have a preference for a particular formula and are ready to buy a box.

Sample 1st message for 5 pack customers:

Hi (name),
Great to chat to you at the expo today and congrats on purchasing Keto OS!
Here are the Keto OS usage Instructions. Visit 'Maximise Experience' here:

Here’s a link to all the crazy stories and pics that you may have seen at the expo, that really highlight what Keto OS is doing for people and how it can do the same for YOU:

And here’s the Pruvit website for more info on Keto OS:

I’ll connect again soon to see which formula works best for you and which benefits you may already be feeling in the first 5 days Remember this is just really a taste test for choosing the best formula to use for a month or more where the real magic can happen.


Sample 1st message for 20 pack customers:

Hi ,
Great to meet you today at ____________  and congrats on purchasing Keto OS!
Here are the Keto OS usage Instructions. Visit 'Maximise Experience' here:

Here’s a link to all the crazy stories and pics that you may have seen at the expo, that really highlight what Keto OS is doing for people and how it can do the same for YOU:

And here’s the Pruvit website for more info on Keto OS:

I prefer to keep in contact and support my customers via Facebook, so if you use it and we’re not yet connected, add me and message me so I can keep you in the loop of discount promos of up to 30% off and extra tips and support.

Please contact me by email or phone anytime for questions or support. I’m excited for you to experience ketones!
Talk soon,

Sample 2nd message for leads:

Hey (name),
How’s your week been? Hope you’ve had a good look at the Keto OS info. I’m sure you can understand why we’re so keen on it!

Want to try some full sachets? You can buy trial packs of 5 sachets for AUD$50, or because you’ve already tried the flavours, do what the majority of people are doing and commit to a 20-day pack (AUS$160 and up), to see what it can really do for you. If you’re keen, which one would you prefer?

If you’ve decided it’s not for you, just say ‘no thanks’, or if you have more questions, ask away and I’ll get you the answers. If you really want to feel and see the benefits of being in ketosis burning fat for fuel, let me know soon and I’ll get you sorted!


Sample 2nd message for 5 pack customers:

Hey (name),

How’d you go with the go with the Keto trial pack? What benefits did you experience? If you’re keen to continue, the Keto OS packs are currently AUD$160, which includes shipping from the US. Which formula did you prefer?


Then of course, guide them to the answers to any questions they still have, use the normal scripts you would use to help overcome any objections, or send them your link and ordering instructions to purchase! Don’t Forget to SMILE and HAVE FUN! Be approachable and easy going. No pressure, no hard sales. Just confidence in your product, and the desire to spread the good news about ketones!!