The most common objections and how to answer them.

Here are some common objections for the product and the business.
Copy and paste these and edit them accordingly to suit your reply message.


3 reasons why you will most commonly experience objections:

1/ Lack of belief in YOURSELF
2/ Lack of belief in Pruvit and the products.
3/ Lack of belief in Community Marketing / Network Marketing

Ongoing training, personal development, support from your team and interaction with the Pruvit community will strengthen those beliefs!


• Build rapport first. Find commonalities. Mention the person who referred you to them. Talk about family.
• Find out why they’re interested in looking at new opportunities. What are their pain points?
• Use your own personality and style when responding.
• Be genuine. Care about their circumstance.
• Listen. Know when to stop talking and let them talk. We have 2 ears and only one mouth! Listen more than you speak.
• Avoid being confrontational.
• Come from a position of service. You’re there to serve them and help them.
• Always remember that the four steps to handling objections (Listen, Relate, Tell Stories, Ask the Questions) will take you where you want to go when mastering objections.


Remember, these are conversations, not scripts, so always use what feels best for you.

> Feel, Felt, Found
Even if your initial feeling is one of defensiveness, the FEEL, FELT, FOUND approach works a treat.
“I understand how you FEEL, I FELT the same way, but now I’ve FOUND…”

> You can create ketones through diet alone. What a waste of money to drink them. No thanks…
“I understand how you feel. My health professional friend who introduced me to Keto OS felt the same thing and I felt the same way. Why take a supplement when you could create this effect from food alone? I agree with him. Since he started taking it, testing it and looking at the 50,000 plus people on our Keto Life customer page sharing their experiences, that only a small percentage of people are successful at maintaining a true ketogenic diet. It’s damn hard to maintain in this easy access carb world we live in. Theres another health professional in that FB group that had been eating a ketogenic diet for more than six months (Tim Thomas), who measured his blood ketones each day and did it under doctor supervision, and was never being able to get into Ketosis. 3 days of drinking Keto Os, and he was in Ketosis for the first time and then lost 8% bodyfat in a month! Pretty impressive. Check out this FB link: http://bit.ly/Keto-Tim-Thomas.”

> I’ve done my research on Google and it’s not for me. I read one or two bad reviews.
“Yes there certainly are bad reviews online about everything these days aren’t there. From what I’ve learnt, people are more likely to write bad reviews than good! Google: ‘customer complaints about products and services’ and you’ll find stats saying things like ‘Twice as many people tell others about bad service than good’, hence people don’t spend the time usually to talk about their good experiences on blogs and forums, but certainly make the effort to complain. So you’re guaranteed to find negatives about something. 1 or 2 bad reviews about something isn’t enough to deter me if I’ve seen hundreds of other good reviews like the customer experiences link I sent you. Check it out again. All I can say is though, just drink it and see how it makes you feel like I did!”

> Isn’t ketosis dangerous?
“Yes I hear you. I read a couple of articles saying that too. But since I’ve been researching this more through the Keto Customer Experience page and attending Keto events run by experts in the field, I’ve certainly found this not to be the case. There are some very smart people on there like Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, Cliff Harvey, Dr. Heather and Dr Mary Newport that have way more experience talking ketosis than the people who comment on forums through Google searches. From what I understand, it’s been studied for nearly 100 years and many say that this is a native state our bodies were often in before we had supermarkets.”

> I don’t take supplements
“I know how you feel, as I felt that way too / many people feel that way too. But I’ve found that Keto OS has changed the tune of many holistic health people… like my health pro mate Brad, who’s been a health professional for 25 years and been anti-supplement for 10 years prior to him starting it. After using Keto OS now since 2016, he’s changed his tune. You can read his story here: http://www.bradrasmus.com/5-months-of-ketosis-usi… When I thought about it though, anyone who takes a multi vitamin, probiotics, magnesium or Naturopathic herbs, is taking a supplement. Even the energy that people get from caffeine, could actually come from real good quality organic food, but people still drink coffee. So Keto OS is no different. It just happens to be something so new to the market that people need time to accept it as a natural boost for our health.”

> Is this a Pyramid Scheme?
“Yes. The best one I’ve ever been a part of! You should check it out!” (Funny)

“You have a story too! It sounds like you or someone you know has been involved in Network Marketing / MLM before. Tell me what you know or what happened.”

“No it’s not thankfully. Yes I know there have been many MLM’s in the past labelled that way because they were no actual products they were selling or because of the whole idea of someone being at the top making all the money. In fact though, there are many people in our business that make way more money than those people above them. Joe and Brad are mates of mine in the business and can easily explain how if you want to know more why.”

> MLM’s have a bad reputation
“Yes some of them do for sure. I did some research when I decided to join and what I realised is there are unethical people in every business, but that doesn’t make the profession itself a challenge – it makes the people in that profession a challenge. In any business model, I guess it depends on who you’re working with.”

“Really? Can I ask who told you this?” [A buddy] “I had some of my friends say the same thing when I first started. So, I did some research when they were offering their opinions. What I realized is that they might not be as qualified to comment on the industry as some of the others out there who think that this is the place in the new economy for entrepreneurs to go out and do what they need to do.”

“You know, I heard the same thing when I first started, so I did some research on the industry and several of the businesses in it. I also did some research on the technology industry and one of its most well known companies, Apple Computers. I Googled ‘Apple Complaints’ and you know what I found? Apple had hundreds of lawsuits against them. They even have huge websites dedicated to their critics, yet they’re one of the biggest companies in the world. So, I realised that people can say just about anything they want about a company or industry. Anyone can be a critic these days and that’s okay. So, if there are people out there criticising Network Marketing, that’s fine. I did my own research and I can point to all kinds of documentation that says Network Marketing is real. happy to share it with you”

> I’ve had bad experiences with MLM’s
“Ah you do too. What happened? Did you get involved before, or was it somebody in your family? Tell me the story.” (Let them know yours)

“Yep I do too. Even with traditional business. Wish we could all just stop working ”

“I’m sorry you (they) had a bad experience. But I’ll tell you something, I wasn’t so sure about this Network Marketing thing either when I first looked at it. The first video I saw everybody was making a million dollars in like 15 seconds. The product cured everything and it was just so unrealistic. There was so much hype and a lot of inappropriate people who were completely overzealous. They were running around like pit bulls—locking their jaws into people. I didn’t want to be that person at all. But I’ll tell you what, I did a little bit of homework and I found out that not everybody acts like those crazy people. Not everybody is a cheap sales person. And, I found that there are some amazing products out there that have made a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives. So, when I looked at it, for me to get involved, it would have to be more professional. And it would have to fit my model of how to do business in the world. If it didn’t, I wasn’t gonna be interested.”

“So, I’ll tell you what I did. I did some research and I found a way to be able to have all of the benefits without having to be one of those crazy people, without having to have a group of those people, without having to train those people, without having to deal with all the nonsense and hype, and to do it all professionally. I found that I could find my place in this entrepreneurial space without having to jeopardise my reputation. I found that I could get the benefits without the pain. So if I could show you what I found and how it worked with credibility and professionalism, would you at least be willing to take a look with me?”

> I don’t have the time
“Yep I hear you. Mind if I ask you a question though with regards to time?” [Sure]
“How many hours are you working? How many hours do you need to sleep? What are you doing in between? What are the hours that are available? Truthfully, how much time do you spend catching up on social media, or television, or playing video games? I’m not judging. I spent a ton of time on social media and watching TV and what I realised for me was that there were a bunch of pockets of time that I could free up to build a better future. I just had to make it a priority.”

> I don’t have the money to get started
“Do you know what I realised? That it’s never been about money. It’s been about my choices and it’s been about being resourceful. I realised I could back off from having the fancy coffee every morning, some alcohol on the weekends and I could back off of a few luxury items that I could live without in order to invest in my future if I thought it was important enough. I didn’t think I had the money either, but I’m glad I found it!”

> Only people at the top make money
“Listen, I totally get it. We’ve all heard these stories about people at the top of the mountain that kick the snowball down the hill, it turned into an avalanche, they made trillions of dollars, and now they’re retired on a beach somewhere. We’ve all heard, ‘You’ve got to get in early to make it to the top.’ I thought the same thing and I get it. Then, I did some research and here’s what I found out. On
average, Network Marketing Distributors collectively make over $200 million a day. $200 million in commissions are paid out EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. And only about less than 5% is paid to the people in the top 1% of companies. So guess where most of the money goes? It goes to people making $300 a month, $500 a month, $1,000 a month. So, I realized that you don’t have to be at the top and you don’t have to get in early to still get a paycheck. It’s just not true. Happy to share the info. I also found out that people below you in your group can make more than you. Did you know that? I didn’t know that. And it made me feel better because I was a little salty that the person above me was getting to make money from me just because they happened to hear about the opportunity a little
before me and that I could never catch them. That would suck. But I found that not only can I catch them, I can even go past them like they’re standing still. Yes, they can earn off me, but I can still OUT EARN them.”

> I already have a good job
“I get it. I’m not talking about a job – I’m talking about cash flow. The most successful people I know are interested in cash flow. What if you could use your influence in order to be able to create another stream of income for yourself? Surely that interests you?”

“That’s great! But are you interested in an additional stream of income?”

> How much money are you making?
“Everybody’s path is certainly different. Your path will probably be different than mine. So, tell me an income story that would be interesting for you and I’ll tell you about a person in my company who is experiencing that result right now. It’s not about me. It’s about
seeing if this might be a fit for you. And I might not be your role model, but I can introduce you to somebody in the company who would be an inspiration to you and that has the results that you want to have. I can introduce you to them and show you how they do what they do.”

> I need to trial the products first
“Of course. The business people I know do due diligence on anything they’re looking to get involved in, so it’s smart that you want to evaluate the product. But to do it right, you need to evaluate the full experience. Wouldn’t you want to know what a customer is going to feel like when they interact with the company? Well, let me show you what a customer feels like. Here’s how they sign up. Here are their choices on what they can buy on a monthly basis. And you can decide what you want to try. You can even see what the cancellation process is like because you can cancel whenever you want. You can see what the refund policy is. You can see everything. Sound good?”

> I’m not a salesperson
“You’d think you’re not – but guess what? You REALLY are! We sell to our kids to do what they’re supposed to do. We sell our partner on what they’re supposed to do. We sell our value in the workplace every single day. We really sell ALL the time. We just do. But none of that is paying you as much as this can pay you.”

“Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur?” [Yes – but I’m not a salesperson]
“So guess what the very first thing an entrepreneur needs to master – selling! They’ve got to sell their employees to come and do the work. They’ve got to sell their bankers to get loans. They’ve got to sell their investors to get capital. They’ve got to sell their customers on their products or services. They’re selling constantly. Now, maybe you’re nervous and I get it. You’re just getting started and you’re nervous. But understand that no matter what, in life you have to sell. In business you have to sell. And this opportunity will give you the easiest entry there is to learn how to sell and become a person of influence. So, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to learn to sell. That’s just how it works. This will help you learn at your own pace and get you where you want to be.”

> I don’t want to bug my friends and family
“I certainly don’t want to either. But what if you could HELP your friends and family? What if you could show them what it is that you have to offer in a way that makes them feel good, that builds a great relationship, that improves their quality of life, and that doesn’t make anyone feel weird during the holidays? All you’re doing is providing service and value. If I showed you how to do that, would you be interested?”

> I don’t know anyone
“I thought so too, but you’d be surprised… How many Facebook friends do you have? Who do you know who’s dissatisfied? How many people do you interact with daily who could use more energy, clarity or motivation? How many people do you know who are absolutely sick of their job and are looking for something else, or are always saying they need more money? See, you know more people than you think.”

> Will it work for me?
“You really won’t know until you experience it for yourself and give it a chance to work for you, and for you to work for what you want.”

> I don’t like rejection
“Me either. Who likes rejection? But I can show you how to do it where you NEVER get rejected. The people I talk to might say ‘No’ to the product. They might say ‘No’ to Network Marketing. But nobody ever rejects me. I introduce what I have to offer and people say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. They say ‘I’m in,’ or ‘I’m out.’And I can teach you how to do it so it’s fun.This isn’t the boiler room. This isn’t cold calling. This isn’t telemarketing. This isn’t all the things you might think it is.”

> I don’t know anything about this business
“I didn’t either. The great thing is you can learn and earn as you grow. It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about where you are at this moment, just think about where you want to go.”

> It sounds too good to be true!
“Really? Well then I didn’t present it properly. Let me clarify. You’re going to have to work. And it’s going to take some time. You’re going to need to develop some new skills. Uneducated people may think less of you in the process. It’s an emotional business. There are ups and downs that may drive you a little bit nuts. And not everyone who joins with you is going to cross the finish line with you. But it’s worth it! So worth it.”

> I need to think about it
“I did too actually. What do you feel you need to think about exactly? Maybe I can save us some time with your decision”
(Remember that this is not their REAL objection. They just haven’t built up enough belief, trust, and rapport in order to be able to open up and tell you what the real objection is.)

> I need to check with my spouse first
“I totally understand and that’s healthy. Talking with your spouse when starting a business is one of the smartest things you can do. So, let me ask you, after learning about this… what are you going to say or share with them?”

“Would you like to add her/him to this conversation so if they have questions we can all chat?”

“Let me give you something to show your spouse. And my suggestion is to show this to them and just be quiet because they won’t be able to hear it through your words. They’ll need to see somebody else talk about it. So show them this video / information, and if they have any questions, you can connect us.”

> How do I know this company will last?
“You don’t. In today’s world, nothing’s permanent. In fact, it’s predicted that 40% of the largest companies that exist today will not be around in five years. They’ll be merged. They’ll be wiped out. Something will happen. So, are some Network Marketing companies going to fail? Of course. But here’s what I’ve realised – your security is NOT with the company. Now, we all hope the company lasts for a hundred years, but here’s what I realised. The real asset is your skills. If you have the skills inside of this business, no matter what happens, you’ll always have job security. You’ll always be able to grow a large organisation. You’ll always have financial capabilities. You’ll always have earning power. ALWAYS. No matter how old you are. No matter what your educational background is. You see, Network Marketing is different than in corporate work where you can only go so far if you have a certain degree and you can’t go any farther. Or, if you’re a certain gender you can only make so much. Or, if you’re a certain age they stop paying you. Network Marketing is different. You are the machine that drives all this. The rest of the profession serves you and it’s the skills that you learn that will create a future. So don’t worry about that security. The security is in YOU and we can develop it together.”