The growth of our business is really created from event to event. Learn to run your own event!

Any event, is an exciting and lucrative event for us as Pruvers. IT’S IMPORTANT that you are all as prepared as possible, so everything goes smoothly AND so you can make the most of this huge opportunity to share Keto OS with hundreds of people!

This is an evolving set of instructions on how to run an event.

1/ Assemble team of promoters to put in the event.
Create a poll in your FB thread/group asking who would like to take on which event roles OR better yet leading promoters delegate roles to the best promoter.
– Registering people on the day
– Pre Better Life Mixer
– Sharing ketones
– Greeting people at the venue
– Testimonials of Keto OS during Better Life (people are taught what to say)
– Fun stuff
– Anything else
– Presenting content during Better Life (preferably Keto OS ‘experts’ – health pros, strong advocates)
– Social Networking (Facebook event page, EventBrite / EventLoom, Sharing on different team pages)
– Location organisation
– Host of event (edifies presenters and starts and finishes event)
– Audio visual
– Venue and food organisation

2/ Set a date and time

3/ Lock in venue 

4/ Create Eventbrite / EventLoom pages 

5/ Create FB event page

6/ Advertise:
– Customer and Promoter groups
– Personal Promoter & Customer threads
– Personal invitation messages and calls

7/ Trial run of AV set up at venue 

8/ Confirm content / presentation run sheet for event day

Extra notes of importance:

1/ Have the mixer area separate from the presentation seating so people don’t sit down during the mixer. Then promoters usher them in and fill the seats from front to back.

2/ Follow up and confirm bookings several times before the event and use language in invites that insists on booking a ticket to reserve your seat and ketone samples. People can still turn up then without booking but you’d rather it be the rare exception.

3/ Call, meet with, Zoom with attending promoters prior to the event to delegate their event role and train them on how to do their role, what to bring, when to arrive, how to invite. All attending promoters should feel a sense of ownership about the running of the event beforehand.

4/ Make sure to coach testimonial people before the event, on how to tell their story in a concise and impactful way. And/or, do testimonials in an interview way, asking:
– what was it like for you before the product?
– how were you introduced to it?
– what did it do for you at first?
– what is it doing for you now?