The steps for finding solutions to challenges.


If you have a customer service enquiry email and CC your Rank 6 or above promoter if needed.

Important Points

– Pruvit’s Customer Service’s service level agreement is for 48 hour maximum response time within business days.

– Weekends do not count. The customer service desk is closed from early Saturday Morning until Tuesday 1 AM AEST Australia time. During this time they do not accept customer service tickets .

– If you submit a question for a customer, make sure you have all the information, including their order number and ID. There are some instances where HQ will require the customer to personally message them, in that case you can cc the customer once an email string has begun.

– If you do not hear back within the 48 hours please reply to the email from customer service and CC in your active support team.

– Sending a screenshot to your upline, DOES NOT work. Visit your email SENT folder, REPLY ALL to the email, and in turn send another message but this time CC your active support team member. This includes them into the existing customer service ticket. DO NOT start another ticket by asking a new question. Just continue to add to the open ticket,

– If that is not responded to in 24 hours the support team should reply to the email request a response and CC in their up line R6 or above Champion. The R6 or Above Champion will either escalate if there is still no response.

– If this is a customer emergency… skip to last step. Most Important Point: Remember… Be nice at all times… Effectively communicating without aggression or frustration is a much faster route to the outcome you are seeking.


Do you have product being sent to a country receiving direct shipping? Sometimes big promoter pack in particular are being flagged by customs that may not have been not packed properly. You or your community member will have received a communication from a shipping company if your package has been affected. Just know this is a rare occurrence, but we have seen it before. Prüvit will deal with it and of course you wont have to pay that amount or any amount. If this involves product to a country not opened for direct shipping, the responsibility remains with the people trying to get it in.

For the legit mistake, we know we can quickly act on it, however, it may take some extra time to receive your order while Prüvit deals with the courier and customs. In the meantime, reach out to your support team to provide you any products you need to get your business started.

The steps we need to follow are this:

1) Email and CC a COC support team member.

Suggested email:

Hi Awesome Customer Service Team,

I received this message from UPS… please advise on my next steps:

Dear Client,
UPS; Your shipment, 1Z0954TT0439651037,has incurred import fees of AUD253.70. You may pay through BPAY and use Biller Code: 49676, Ref#2000040577135 or through EFT, Acct Name: UPS Pty Ltd, BSB: 242000, Acct #: 105109008, Citibank and email your payment receipt to
To track the delivery, please call our customer service department at 131877 option 2 or visit our website at<>

John Smith

2) Arrange to have the product you need shipped to you from your team.

3) Follow up with Customer Service after 48 hours if you haven’t heard anything back. Work closely with your support team.

4) Do NOT pay the customs fees.



Receiving an error message? No need to be alarmed there’s a reason for it!

Check out the list below. Contact and/or your Pruvit promoter.

Error Code List:
Code 22 – Billing and shipping address same
Code 23 – Card being used on too many accounts
Code 220 – address error
Code 201 – security code error
Code 200 – Bank spending limit
Code 202 – insufficient funds
Code 300 – It’s a rejected CC for some reason. Example would be wrong name, CVV code not matching, CC number not exactly right etc. Ultimately some info is incorrect with the card
Code 30 – Fraud of some form
Code 200’s – Are all branch related