The smartest way to order your ketones each month!

One of the rewards of having an active smartship is that you qualify for a free gift every 3 smartships orders that are placed consecutively.

You receive the gift upon when you order your 4th smartship.

Currently in the EU, this free gift/product is being delivered in the form of Pruvit Bucks which can be redeemed when purchasing the product of your choice or Prüvit products (no sale or limited release products)

The Pruvit Bucks you receive will be seen in the wallet section in your account. These are valued one Pruvit buck per US$ or €.91 and £.81 These can build up in your account or they can be redeemed in multiple ways.

1. If a customer or promoter has referred 2 people to pruvit who have a smartship themselves then the PB will automatically be used toward the balance of the customer/promoters smartship (can be up to 100% of the cost up to 500 PB)
2. A customer or promoter can redeem up to 50% of the total product cost for a one time retail order.
3. A customer or promoter can create coupon that they can give out to their contact to redeem for up to 50% of the total product cost for a one time retail order.

The best way to take advantage of accumulating and spending PB is to refer 2 people to pruvit each month… even if it is the same to people who purchase on smartship every month you could be earning pruvit bucks every month in addition to the smartship PB’s. Then all you pay is the shipping and taxes 😀.